Russian Folk Show & Ballet Evening

Enrich your stay in St. Petersburg by visiting these must-see star sights. Can be combined with any St. Petersburg tours.

Folk Show at Nicholas Palace

We invite you to feel yourself Russian during this spectacular folkloric show! Held in the stately Nicholas Palace this show is by far the best folkloric performance available anywhere in St. Petersburg. The show will introduce you to the rich folk heritage of Russia, its energetic dances and famous songs, as well as will dazzle the eye with colorful costumes and authentic Russian atmosphere. The show is critically acclaimed and will be a welcome treat for those wishing to unravel the "riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."

The show consists of two parts performed by three professional folk groups of musicians, singers and dancers.

  • Peters Quartet is a vocal quartet of professional singers who will perform folk songs, lyrical romances and Russian Orthodox hymns.
  • The Maidan art company will engage you by their Cossack dances and songs. The name of the group originates from the place where Cossacks used to assemble in older times to pass important decisions "by the whole world." They skillfully reproduce Cossack songs and dances in their original historical form.
  • St. Petersburg Stars dance group is comprised of graduates of the leading choreography schools of Russia. You will enjoy lyrical dances of the Russian North, energetic Cossack dances from the Don and Voronezh regions, and dance miniatures from the Urals and Siberia. The dancers will amaze you with highly complex acrobatic figures and breath-taking leaps they will perform for you.

Before the show and during the interval you will be treated to tasty Russian hors d'oeuvres (caviar, ham, smoked sausage and cheese sandwiches) and drinks (champagne, vodka, mineral water and juice) which are included in your ticket price.

Official price: RUB 4,900 = US $90pp (show ticket only)
Insider Tour price: US $70pp (show ticket + meal)

Russian Ballet Evening

After you come home from your Russian trip chances are you will be asked whether you have seen the Russian Ballet.

Your ballet house choices

The classical ballet tradition originated in St. Petersburg and many prominent ballet dancers performed in the Mariinsky (formerly Kirov) Theater. Anna Pavlova, Vazlav Nezhinsky, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Rudolf Nuriev, Maya Plisetskaya, and others started their glorious careers at the Mariinsky Theater of all places. World-famous composers such as Chaikovksy, Glinka, Mussorgsky and others wrote heavenly music to accompany ballet performances.

If you are interested to see authentic Russian ballet, your best choice is to attend a ballet performance at one of the leading ballet houses:

Insider Ticket Reservation Service

If you would like to have the freedom to pick and choose your sitting arrangements and to get the best tickets with unobstructed view, please let us know and we will handle the rest. We can secure virtually any seats at the leading ballet houses. As tickets are usually sold out weeks prior to the performance date it is necessary to secure them in advance.

Official price: $30pp to $350pp depending on ticket category (charged by ballet company)
Insider Tour fee: $10 per ticket secured and delivered to you ($25 min charge)

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