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Enrich your stay in St. Petersburg by arranging these activities. Can be combined with any St. Petersburg tours.

Grand Maket Russia

Do you want to see the entire Russia without leaving St. Petersburg? Then the Grand Maket Museum is for you! Dubbed "The Show Museum of Russia" this miniature museum offers both an educational and highly entertaining journey to some of the most famous and beautiful places across our country.

The museum features scaled down versions of major cities and smaller villages, snowy hills and blue waterways, railroads and highways all bustling with traffic and day-to-day activities that are sure to keep both kids and their parents entertained for hours on end.

For more details visit www.grandmaket.ru

Price: US$15pp (adult) and US$10pp (child)

Price includes

  • Entry tickets to the museum - Rub 480pp (adult) and Rub 280pp (child)
  • Personal audio guide for each tour participant - Rub 250 per person


  • Unrestricted

Soviet Arcade Games Museum

Would you like to play a few games with your kids perhaps? Then head over to the Museum of Soviet Arcade Game Machines. This one-of-a-kind collection features many vintage Soviet arcade game machines that were manufactured in 1970s and 1980s. These game machines are completely different from present-day game machines which are run by computers - because there were no consumer-grade computers available back then.

These classical game machines will test your knowledge of the laws of physics, your speed and reaction in a pure "man against the machine" environment. You can play hockey, naval battle, basketball, pull the pumpkin, safari and many other excellent games to your heart's delight.

For more details visit www.15kop.ru

Price: US$9pp (adult) and US$7pp (child)

Price includes

  • Entry tickets to the museum - Rub 450pp (adult) and Rub 350pp (child)
  • Tokens to play the machines are extra


  • Unrestricted

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