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This Is How It Works

Use our online booking tool to select your basic tour details or simply contact us with ideas and aspirations for your tour. No commitment or deposit required. We will then provide a full overview of your available options and make as many revisions as necessary to make you completely satisfied with your program.

If you are not a cruise passenger (City Tours) you will need to arrange for a visa through the Russian embassy in your country of citizenship. We will navigate you every step of the way through this process. If you are a cruise passenger (Shore Excursions) we will provide you with all of the entry tickets required for sites and attractions on your tour.

Upon arrival in beautiful St. Petersburg, Moscow or Berlin you will be greeted by your guide. Now it's time to enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

Travel Your Way

With Insider Tour you’re always in control—and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Explore the differences between a Private Tour and a Shared Tour to find the perfect fit for your pace and budget.


Complete Privacy
Explore the sites with your chosen tour mates only—nobody else will join your tour. This ensures the intimacy and personal attention to every guest.

Ultimate Freedom and Flexibility
Rely on us to customize a tour program to your specific tastes—before and during your tour. Just tell us what you want to see and we'll take care of the rest.

Unbeatable Comfort and Convenience
Escape the cruise ship crowds with your own tour guide and a private vehicle with a driver who will deliver a seamless, picture-perfect tour experience.

Tour Guide Matched to Your Interests
Go sightseeing in the company of a carefully selected tour guide. Just tell us about your interests and we will assign the tour guide who best meets your needs.

No Limitations on Group Size
Travel solo, in a large family or somewhere in between. We can accommodate large size groups from travel agents and corporate accounts without a hitch.

All Ages Welcome
We have no age restrictions, so even infants are welcome to join our tours.


Save Money
Our group tours offer a cost-effective option to minimize your travel budget by sharing common tour expenses among several participants.

Retain a Private Tour Feel
The only arrangement of its kind in the industry, we limit our shared group tours to a maximum of 6 guests to retain the intimacy of a private tour.

See More
Disembark quickly and navigate museums freely to see everything you want. No need to wait for stragglers and never-ending bathroom stops in a large group!

Just Sign Up and You're Good to Go
To save you time we'll do all the legwork of assembling a tour group for you. If you prefer an additional discount, you may invite others to join your tour.

Follow One of Our Standard Itineraries
Our meticulously designed tour programs take care of every detail. Limited changes are possible through group consensus.

Minimum Age
To ensure tour enjoyment for every guest, all shared group tour participants must be at least eight years old at the time of the tour.

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