Helsinki - 1 Day Shore Excursion

Green Helsinki / TOUR H1

private walking tour of city center

The capital of Finland is a seaside treasure with all the local charm beautifully accessible on foot. Once a medieval merchant town, modern Helsinki has been put on the world map by its original design, outstanding architecture and striking natural setting. You will experience firsthand the true colors of Finnish culture, art and lifestyle by your lovely private tour guide. In addition to the cultural highlights we will also revel in the touching presence of the Rock Church and its surroundings out of which no Helsinki experience is complete.

Tour details

  • Charged activity tour | 3 hours of total time committment
  • Available only as a private tour (with no size limitation for pre-existing groups)


  • Private tour rates depend on the number of guests in your tour group (see table below)

Day 1 / 3 Hours

Meeting near your ship
9:00 – 10:00
Senate Square and Surroundings
  • Your day will start with a visit to the Senate Square, Helsinki's most historic and beautiful square designed in the early 1800s
  • Your tour guide will then take you on an inside tour of the Helsinki Cathedral, the city's most famous landmark, with a monument to Alexander II nearby
  • You will proceed to the Government Palace, the seat of the Prime Minister and the Finnish Government, the University Building founded in 1640, and famous Merchant Houses built in 1800s
10:00 – 11:00
Market Square and Surroundings
  • On the way to the South Harbour that sits at the very beginning of the Esplanade Park, you will see Presidential Palace and Helsinki City Hall
  • You will pass through the Market Square, Helsinki's famous international market. Here you can buy traditional food, handicrafts and souvenirs or enjoy a cup of morning coffee. During this stop you will admire the Uspenskiy Cathedral, the largest Orthodox Cathedral in Western Europe and a symbol of Russian impact on Finnish history and culture
11:00 – 12:00
Rock Church, Havis Amanda and much more
  • No visit to Helsinki is complete without a visit to its main landmark - the Rock Church. Built out of a solid piece of rock, it is bathed in natural sunlight which enters through the skylight surrounding the center copper dome. It is often used as a concert venue thanks to its excellent acoustics. Please note that the inside visit to the Rock Church can not be guaranteed in the event of religious services
  • During the walking tour, you will admire other sites such as National Opera, Central Railway Station, Havis Amanda Monument and hear the story what happens to the statue each year on the Eve of May Day, and much more!
Return to Ship by Taxi or Stay in Central Helsinki
Following your guided walking tour of Helsinki you will have a choice:
  • to extend your stay in this vibrant city on your own (your tour guide will provide you ample instructions on how to get back to your ship by taxi on your own), or
  • have your guide escort you back to the ship by taxi (so as to finish your 3-hour tour by your ship)

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