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Cruising the Baltics? Arriving on a river cruise?
beat the crowds & see more for less

Experience all the history, hospitality and splendour that St. Petersburg, Moscow and the Baltic capitals have to offer - on your own terms!

If you are traveling solo or with a group of family or friends, you deserve more than a just ticket to an overcrowded tour bus. Do not make a mistake of joining cruise ship tours as they are notoriously large and laggard, and move only as fast as their slowest participant. And with a tour guide per client ratio of 1 to 50 you will feel lucky if even one of your questions gets answered during the day.

We can show you a better way - The Insider's Way - to experience way more than your cruise mates on large buses ever will. Touring independently with our tour guide gives you complete flexibility to follow your desired itinerary at the speed and budget of your choice. No matter how tight your schedule, our experienced tour planners will arrange a shore excursion that lets you see and enjoy more than you ever imagined.

When touring with Insider you can request an All-Private Tour JUST FOR YOU or be placed in a Shared Tour WITH MAX. OF 6 GUESTS to maximize your travel budget.

OUR SHORE EXCURSIONS for cruise ship guests

St. Petersburg

You can select any of our 1-day, 2-day and 3-day shore tours depending on the duration of your ship's stay in St. Petersburg.

All of our tours are carefully designed to meet different interests and activity levels based on our many years of experience guiding visitors around St. Petersburg. Glitz & Glamour tour provides an introduction to the city's fabulous Renaissance era. Roll Like a Russian! lets you live the locals' life to the fullest. The Grand Slalom tour was created for active cruisers desiring to see many sights in one go.

If you still prefer something else, just let us know and we will be sure to offer a customized itinerary based on your unique interests and tastes.


Cruise guests spending 3 days in the port of St. Petersburg have an opportunity to travel to Moscow with our tour guide.

During this 12.5-hour tour you will be whisked to Moscow in the comfort of a high-speed train "Sapsan" that takes a mere 3.5 hours to get to Moscow downtown area. From there your tour guide will show you true gems of Moscow - its architecture and the Kremlin Complex - before taking a stroll in the famed Red Square.

We have included all-private transfers and front-of-the-line museum visits in this tour to ensure your valuable tour time is spent wisely and with your maximum enjoyment in mind.

n. europe & baltic capitals


Known for its artistic heritage, narrow streets and an elaborate canal system, Amsterdam boasts one of the best preserved historic city centers in Europe.

Our Amsterdam tours are carefully designed to navigate around busy tourist routes to let you experience its heritage and present-day life without any inconvenience of larger tour groups. You may opt for a walking tour of the City Center, or hire a tour guide and a driver for the day, and enjoy private guided tours of the world-famous Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum in the company of a local tour guide.


Cruise guests arriving in Rostock or Warnemunde, may take a day trip to Berlin — today a bastion of culture and progressive thought, but also the site of some of history's most influential moments.

Our Berlin's Past & Present tour provides an excellent overview of the main historical stages of development of the German capital. Third Reich / Cold War tour is designed for those guests with a special interest in the Second World War and the Cold War.

You will be met promptly by our driver at the pier and taken to Berlin in your own comfortable vehicle. Upon meeting your tour guide in Berlin, you will be able to explore Berlin either by the same car or on foot, if you so desire. The same vehicle will be taking you back to the ship at the end of your busy tour day.


With almost nine centuries under its belt, Copenhagen boasts world-class museums, Michelin-starred restaurants, and gorgeous royal palaces reminiscent of the city's Medieval past.

We invite you to live a day in the life of the Danish capital walking its cobblestone streets, visiting one of its many palaces and castles, or enjoying feshly brewed beer at an expo center of a major internationally-acclaimed Danish beer brand.


Your day in Helsinki will be full of excitement in the company of an Insider's tour guide!

You may opt for a scenic drive overview of the city's major points of interest or you can explore Helsinki on foot using its extremely efficient public transportation network. A visit to the gorgeous city of Porvoo is a must if you would like to exprience the daily life in the idyllic Nordic countryside.

And don't forget to visit the famous Fish Market in the Helsinki Harbour followed by an afternoon snack at a nearby café!


Considered by many a center of architectural innovation, Oslo has skilfully melted its rugged environs with the man's artistic touch to become a truly international hub.

Learn about the history of the Land of the Vikings and its present-day life on one of our carefully designed tours. View the world's best preserved Viking ship, visit an open-air display of over 200 sculptures, or stroll Oslo's main streets and coastline promenades to get a flavour of local life in this Nordic capital.


We invite you to explore Stockholm, one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, in the company of a Stockholm insider!

Built on 14 islands and home to many palaces, museums, art galleries, and other attractions, Stockholm must be visited with a good plan in hand. Because your time is limited, we are here to help you make most of it thanks to our tour itineraries carefully designed to meet and exceed your expectations. Tour by private vehicle, public transport or on foot and we will accommodate your every need along the way!


Tallinn is sure to surprise first-time visitors with its authentic medieval character, beautiful vistas and a compact size for a European capital of only 400,000 inhabitants.

Join us for an insider's look at the city's rich heritage, picture-perfect Old Town and seaside areas in a company of a local tour guide. Travel away from the city or walk the cobble-stone streets of its Old Town, and our tour guide will be sure to provide you with a memorable and entertaining tour along your way!

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