Yaroslav Court / Ancient Trade Yard

Situated right across from the Novgorod Kremlin on the right bank of the Volkhov River, the Yaroslav Court is an open-air museum that displays many still-standing monuments of the 12th -16th centuries: churches of Paraskeva-Pyatnitsa, St. John The Baptist, Myrrh Bearing Women and others.

A historic site of one of Europe’s busiest trade markets in the medieval times, the trade yard was situated near a wooden palace of Great Prince Yaroslav the Wise which did not survive to our days. A nearby river port received merchant ships from abroad, and Gothic and German Courts were located here providing accommodation to visiting merchants from the Hanseatic League. The white Arcade of the Trade Yard which was built to replace the former Trade Mart that was surrounding the Prince’s Palace was the busiest place in Novgorod at that time. The importance of Novgorod as an international trade centre later withered when Peter the Great made St. Petersburg a new “Window on Europe”.

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