Two very different yet profoundly Russian capitals

  • Each city is distinctly unique and offers its own blend of historic monuments and present-day life
  • By visiting St. Petersburg's royal palaces and Moscow's stately Kremlin with the world-famous Red Square you will get a Russia experience like no other

Travel in comfort

  • A luxury private tour of Moscow awaits you complete with your own tour guide, private transfers in both cities and VIP entry to all sights
  • Moscow is just a short train ride away from your cruise ship and these days you can travel very comfortably between both cities
  • We will even provide our representative who will travel together with you to ensure your Moscow adventure goes according to plan!

Use your time in Russia wisely

  • Visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg on a single trip is a great way to enhance your once-in-a-lifetime visit to Russia
  • Save money on two separate trips and see way more that your fellow cruisers ever will!
spend two days in St. Petersburg and one day in Moscow

Glitz & Glamour of the Tzars / Relaxed


Ideal for first-time visitors looking for an unhurried introduction to St. Petersburg, this tour will take you back to the beginnings of the city and its glorious artistic Renaissance of the Catherine the Great's era. Enjoy a comprehensive tour of the Hermitage art collections of your choice or follow our recommended itinerary. Multiple photo opportunities and engaging discussions with your tour guide will make for a picture-perfect experience.

Tour details

  • Light activity tour | 7.5 hours of expertly guided tour time
  • Available only as a private tour (with no size limitation for pre-existing groups)
  • No tourist visa required


  • Private tour rates depend on the number of guests in your tour group (see table below)

Important notices

  • Tour starting and ending times will reflect your cruise ship's schedule. You will not miss your ship's departure!
  • Actual sequence of venues may vary based on traffic conditions and/or overcrowding at certain venues.
  • Actual entry times may vary from the sample times listed below. Each museum sets their own entry times to avoid waiting in lines.

Day one / 7 12 Hours

  • Shown below is a sample itinerary only. We can design a different program if you prefer.
Meeting near your ship - Direct pier pickup
11:30 – 12:30
12:45 – 13:15
Lunch break
13:30 – 16:30
The Hermitage Museum (inside tour), Hermitage Gold Rooms (optional)
Return to cruise ship with your guide & driver

us$ rates per person

Group size:
Max group size
Private tour:
you decide

"As I look back on our cruise, the time that stands out most is our Insider Tour of St. Petersburg. We were very impressed with both the warmth and professionalism of "Irene" and Vladimir. I will never forget them. I don't think we could have seen more or had a better experience in the short time we had in your beautiful city."

Hollis Mason, USA

"I want to thank you for arranging the wonderful day we had in your city! A person always goes on trust when they make arrangements over the Internet. They are not sure what they are getting and how it will work out. But ours worked out even better than we expected. Marina was a terrific guide, the car was new and comfortable and Sasha the driver was very good. We were able to do the things we wanted to do without the big crowds from the ship's tours. I hope a lot of people find you on line as I did because it was well worth it."

Joyce Zweig and Jack Halberstadt, Canada

"The experience on our cruise stop in St. Petersburg was superb. We were met promptly, didn't have any delays, and the tour was excellent! We went every place we wanted and then some; including a ride on the subway, a walk along Nevsky Prospect, a visit to a "fresh" market, lunch in a little out of the way place with no tourists, etc. One of the best parts was that we didn't have to wait on a single line, and therefore got to see more with less inconvenience. It was a great trip, and we heartily recommend Insider Tour for anyone wanting the best experience in St. Petersburg."

John Horsting, USA

"Our tour of St. Petersburg was GREAT! Our guide and driver were wonderful, knowledgeable and fun. The tour was everything you said it would be and exceeded everyone's expectations. Our "hats off" to the Insider team. I will not hesitate to recommend you to any/all of my friends who travel to Russia. Thanks again and all the best!"

Jon Lupia, USA

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