The Political History Museum

Address: 197046, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Kuibisheva st., 2–4 Hours of operation: Fri - Tue 10am – 6pm, Wed 10am – 8pm Web:

The State Museum of Political History of Russia is the first historical and political museum in post-revolutionary Russia. With almost half a million exhibits in its collection, the museum showcases history of the state system in Russia, lives of most prominent historical figures, as well as documents concerning the development of revolutionary, democratic, social and political movements and parties.

A successor to the State Museum of Revolution which was created in October 1919, it was initially situated on the ground floor of the Winter Palace. In its early years the museum showcased a unique collection of revolutionary banners, a valuable display of leaflets of different political parties, posters and objects of that time. The growing collections were later moved to the Kshesinskaya and Brandt mansions in St. Petersburg where they are housed to this day. Over the years the museum has become a leading authority on the political, economic and social life movements of the Russian society in the 19th-21st centuries.

Among the most interesting exhibits are documents relating to legislative activities of Catherine the Great, reforms by Stolypin and Vitte, the Great Reforms of Alexander II, and objects concerning the three Russian revolutions. A unique collection of documents reveal state activities underpinning the most important historical events of the Russian Empire, the USSR and the Russian Federation. Recent additions include materials reflecting the decisions and activities of state, political and public leaders, members of the Russian Parliament, St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly and other state bodies.

A series of temporary exhibitions are also held at the museum which provide unique insights into various aspects of political and social life of the Tsar and Communist periods of Russia.

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