Ksenia hails from the pedagogical background as she was teaching English before becoming a full-time tour guide. With almost 20 years of tour guiding experience under her belt and counting, Ksenia has special interest in architecture, history, ballet and art. She regularly visits temporary art exhibits in Russia and throughout Europe which lends a special perspective to her tours and she is fully versed in all aspects of classic and modern ballet. In her spare time Ksenia likes running, going to the opera and taking lots of pictures of the people and places that she has come across in her travels.
Languages: Russian, English


Ksenia’s commentary was clear, precise and highly informative during the full two days. In a word - - BRILLIANT. She was able to take us directly into all of the attractions, avoiding the huge queues created by the larger groups of visitors (BIG plus!)

Michael Reeve, USA

Ksenia managed our group of eight aged 14 to 79 very well. She was very knowledgeable about every place we went with amazing coverage of the places visited and showed great patience in dealing with the traveling neophytes in the group. Her coverage of the Hermitage was fantastic.

Charles Tillotson, USA

Ksenia was always on time, personable and very knowledgeable. She helped us avoid waiting in the very long lines at Catherine Palace and the Hermitage. It was very easy to converse with her and we enjoyed our time with her.

Anne Marie Ritchie, USA

She was extremely knowledgeable and easily answered any questions in her excellent English.

Marla Nosan, USA

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