Helen’s background in Russian Culture and Arts is a dream-come-true for the tour guiding career! She graduated from the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts in 1988 and began working as a tour guide a few years later. Her love of history, music and arts shows in every tour that she delivers and she has won praise of many of our guests over the years. Helen plays piano and considers classical music as her forte. She likes staying fit and regularly attends yoga classes in addition to her swimming pool and gym regimen.
Languages: Russian, English


Our guide Helen was very friendly and hospitable and the whole tour went like clockwork.

Andrew Watts, Great Britain

We could not have found a better guide who gave us more information than we could have found ourselves.

Eleanor and Ben Kendall, USA

Our guide Helen (Lena) was truly brilliant. Really knowledgeable, flexible, smart and articulate. We really could not have wished for a better guide.

Wendy Neal-Smith, Great Britain

Helen was very knowledgeable about all the sights and she was always on time and saw that we did not stand in long entry queues.

Jackie Miller, USA

Our guide Helen was superb in every way and realised that the wife’s elderly parents could not walk for any great distance and adjusted our tour accordingly.

Mark Thornley, USA

My husband and I enjoyed our tours with Helen so much! We both were impressed with her in depth knowledge of history and art.

Sue Patterson, USA

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