Erarta Contemporary Art Museum

Address: 199106, St. Petersburg, Vasilievsky Island, Line 29th, 2 Hours of operation: Wed - Mon 10am - 10pm Web:

Ranked as one of the top sights of St. Petersburg, The Erarta Museum is the largest private museum of contemporary art in Russia and is part of ERARTA, the world’s largest project in contemporary Russian art. This name was coined by combining the two words “Era” and “Arta” which can be translated into Russian as “The Era of Art.” The museum was opened in 2010 and houses a permanent collection and temporary exhibitions of contemporary art.

The Permanent Collection showcases over 2,300 works or art by Russian artists from over 20 regions of Russia. Paintings, sculpture, photography, video and science art, etc. all created since 1945 occupy the left wing of a five-level building of the museum. The galleries (right) wing of the building is home to Temporary Exhibitions that change every quarter. Its centrepiece is the “Russia in Erarta” exhibition and educational project which is aimed at promoting cultural dialogue between St. Petersburg and other Russian cities, as well as to demonstrate that the contemporary Russian art is not limited to the country’s largest urban centres. Here you can experience a wide variety of temporary exhibitions as well as acquire any work of art on display at the Erarta Galleries, an international chain of art galleries promoting Russian art.

Erarta also offers special Programmes designed to popularize art by immersing people in the creative process. The museum of contemporary fashion, cartoon series, public celebrations and festivals, lectures, workshops and much more are some of the popular formats that are used to familiarize the audience with contemporary art.

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