Prior to becoming a tour guide at the turn of the millennium, Elena had worked in the Russian aircraft industry following her graduation from the St. Petersburg State University of Airspace. Over time she decided on a new career path that would bring out her passion for St. Petersburg and allow her to meet new people – and tour guiding was her lucky choice! History and arts have been Elena’s favourites since early childhood and today she continues to share her knowledge and excitement with her guests. She is an expert on the Hermitage Museum which her co-workers jokingly call Elena’s “second home”.
Languages: Russian, English


Elena was wonderful. She was so knowledgeable and gracious, a true professional, in every way. We really enjoyed our time with her.

Eleanor Boultinghouse, Canada

Our guide Elena was superb in every respect. She was punctual, knowledgeable, helpful and a very lovely person to be with. We could not recommend her too highly.

Catharine Wilson and Grant Duff, USA

Elena made our trip an exceptional experience and we have referred 2 groups of friends already.

Cheryl and Terry Jansen, USA

Elena was a terrific guide!! She was professional, knowledgeable, and answered all of our questions. She is a lovely woman and so easy with which to work.

Linda and Paul Levin, USA

Our tour guide Elena was wonderful and she was a very special guide for us. Thank you for assigning her to our group.

James Salz, USA

Elena our guide was wonderful, very professional and very knowledgeable. She was a delight to be with!

Harvey Filkenstein, USA

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