Address: 115172, Moscow, 5th Kotelnichesky pereulok, 11 Hours of operation: Round the clock (advance booking required) Web: http://www.bunker42.com/en/

Bunker-42 will bring you back to the days of the Cold War in a very unusual setting. Situated at a depth of 65 meters below the ground level in the historical center of Moscow, this former site of the military ultra-secret Alternative Command Post “Tagansky” (CS-42) will let you assume the role of the Communicator, inspect its secret tunnels, see samples of weapons and communications equipment that was used by the USSR Armed Forces in those days.

The bunker was built in 1956 to withstand nuclear attacks and earthquakes, and to provide shelter for the top Soviet leadership in case of a nuclear war. You will learn of its many levels of protection and hear the stories of everyday life of its military personnel. Special effects and animations include an imitation of a nuclear bomb explosion and a launch of a nuclear missile. You can also visit Stalin’s office at the bunker and a conference hall for the Communist party elite restored to its original design.

A special tour on offer takes you to the most remote parts of the bunker inaccessible to ordinary tourists. You will reach its darkest and most remote technological corridors to learn how the bunker systems were designed to function both during peace and nuclear war.

With total area in excess of 70,000 square feet, Bunker-42 offers group games and team-building activities, conference facilities and banquet halls, as well as a restaurant offering dishes of Russian and European cuisine.

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