Berlin - 1 Day Shore Excursion

Two unique tour programs

  • Each designed to give you a comprehensive, insider's look at Berlin’s history, architecture, attractions and daily life
  • We aim to deliver an experience of a lifetime in a private or small group of 6 so you can avoid the large, point-and-shoot bus tour programs
  • Complete flexibility: customize your tour any way you want – make changes ahead of time or on the go

See more and stay longer in Berlin than with any of our competitors

  • We give you more sightseeing time in Berlin while reducing travel time so you are never late for your ship's departure
  • No need to wait for stragglers and lose precious sightseeing time to lengthy bathroom breaks in a larger group

Travel in comfort

  • Private transfers: You will be collected dockside and whisked away to Berlin and back to your ship in the comfort of your own chauffeured vehicle that is yours for the entire tour day
  • Receive private transfer with us for a price comparable to regular train fare
  • With no direct train connection to Berlin, avoid the risk of missing your ship by having to change trains or even getting lost in Germany’s intricate train connection system

Renowned tour guides

  • Our Berlin tours are run by some of its most acclaimed tour guides, including a former spy, an opera art director, a classical musician and a radio show host—just to name a few!
  • Tours available in many languages

Third Reich & Cold War / TOUR B2

Day 1 / 12 Hours

Meeting near your ship in Warnemunde, private transfer to Berlin
10:00 – 11:30
Pre-WWII Berlin
  • Meeting your tour guide who will take you on a tour of the Olympic Stadium, the site of 1936 “Nazi” Olympics where Jesse Owens destroyed the myth of Ayrian sporting superiority
  • Langenmarck Halle and its Bell Tower commissioned by Hitler to honour the fallen German soldiers of WWI
  • Your tour will then proceed atop the Teufelsberg (Devil’s Hill) with its “Listening station” that was used by the Allied Forces to listen to the Soviet - East German communications behind the Iron Curtain
11:30 – 12:00
Lunch break
12:00 – 14:30
WWII Berlin
  • Pause at Moltke Bridge from where Russians made their final push on Reichstagin April 1945 See
  • See the Reichstag Building
  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
  • Goering's Air Defence Ministry
  • Walk through Gendarmenmarkt and see its French and German Cathedrals
  • Topography of Terror (the site of the former SS & Gestapo Headquarters)
  • The site of Hitler's bunker
  • Kaiser-Wilhelm-Memorial church (Cross of Coventry and Madonna of Stalingrad )
  • Time permitting visit the “Bendler Bloc” , the site of failed Operation Valkyrie
14:30 – 16:30
Cold War Berlin
  • Travel along the Berlin Wall from the “no-man’s land” of Potsdamer Platz to the last remaining Border Guard Watchtowers from where “shoot to kill” orders were carried out
  • Visit Checkpoint Charlie, the famous crossing checkpoint between East and West Berlin during the Cold War
  • Explore East Side Gallery, the richly-decorated stretch of the Berlin Wall
  • The Wall Documentation Center portraying the life of the average DDR citizen living behind the Wall
  • Time permitting visit Church of Reconciliation, the site of Tunnel 57
Private transfer to your cruise ship
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  • Private tour: your own private driver & vehicle for the whole day + tour guide in Berlin
  • Semi-private tour: group tour bus transfers to/from Berlin + your own private driver & vehicle and tour guide in Berlin
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